Refund Policy

Cancellation, Refunds and defects

This and the following paragraph apply if you buy as a consumer as defined in the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (the “Regulations”). Provided the Regulations apply to the transaction concerned, then the following terms apply to the contract.


  1. The following rules apply to cancellation of your order:
    1. If you have ordered Goods, but have not received them, please contact us with your order number here we will endeavour to track your item down and deliver it to you, if this is not possible, or the item has been lost we will issue a full refund subject to clause 1.5. 
    2. You may request a refund within 14 days of receiving your item only if:
      1. Your item is faulty, damaged or undescribed upon first inspection
      2. Your item is unworn, undamaged and in a sell-able condition 
      3. You have followed the return procedure .
    3. We will return your money subject to one or all of the following conditions:
      1. we receive the Goods in a condition in which we can re-sell them at full price, in new condition, with labels and packaging intact. 
      2. you comply with our procedure for returns and refunds. We cannot return your money unless we know who sent them.
      3. We have inspected the item for faults or indiscrepancies and has been approved for a refund 
  2. The option to cancel your order is not available:
    1. if you purchase sealed goods which relate to health or hygiene, and they become unsealed after delivery, or cannot be re-sold for some other reason;
    2. If the item is in full working order, as described and has been worn
    3. If the Goods are somehow mixed with other goods so that we cannot identify or easily separate them. 
  3. You are responsible for the cost of returning the Goods. If we identify your item as faulty or damaged at the fault of us we will cover the return shipping.
  4. In any of the above scenarios, we will return your money within 14 days.


If you require a return / Refund / Part – refund please follow these steps:

  • Contact us as either via telephone or via email 
  • Return the item to us on the return delivery address provided on your order. 
  • We will inspect the item for faults and upon approval we will issue a refund within 5 working days.

Returns cannot be instigated unless the return procedure has been followed correctly.